- This tutorial has to be used with our stats table and we don’t explain how to make a stats table here So it is impossible to design your favorite word, name, shape, etc as a pattern on following our tutorial.

- Be careful of cutting your fingers and hands with paper during making a book folding.

Your fingers and hands might be dirty during making a book folding.

- We highly recommended printing the pattern out if you purchased the patterns in data version. The fee of copy paper or any materials is borne by customers.

- Any tools, pen, eraser, ruler, post it, are not included in the pattern.

- A result of your book folding will be different with each person because of where you mark points or strength of folding each page.

- A finished book is very much fragile so please handle it with care.

- A folded book is not back to original form of book.

- Sharing the pattern or reselling without our permission is prohibited.

- Finished books are free to sell without permission.


- We are not responsible for any damages, hurts, incidents and troubles throughout using our products.