Book Folding full custom order

We fold your favorite designs such as corporate logo, graffitiis, portait sillhoette and whatever you would like to be in a book as book folding.


This is exactly full custom order so no limit on patterns’s design.
Therefore, we promise to give you best OruFun ever and we are very active to communicate with you.


All products are made by hand after confirmed your payment, so the item would be shipped within 5-7 business days. However, shipping might be late, if we had a waiting list.


◆Dimensions:About 250mm×200mm×150mm

◆Weight:About 1kg

◆Material:Used Book, Paper


This book folding is made with Used Books.

We choose less damaging books for making it, some books have age-tunnnig and stain.

We ship your book folding with EMS which is fast deliver way from Japan with tracking.


All book folding and pattern is made and measured by OruFun.

Book Folding full custom order