Spartan Helmet

This is a pattern for Spartan Helmet 1 of OruFun.


You will instantly get 2 files after payment.

・Tutorial of OruFun. (PDF)

・Stats Table of this OruFun.(PDF in millimeters)


You can enjoy making a book folding with our pattern.

The tutorial allows you to make a book folding easily step by step.

The stats table shows all points where you mark on a book. 

Our patterns are measured and marked style.

It is described in mm.


All preparation will be able to understand easily with the tutorial, but we would like to say important 2 things earlier.


1 :  Required number of pages is 350.

2 :  The pattern’s height is 140mm.


We recommend for choosing a book which has 2 points as described above.

The book’s height has to be bigger, plus 6cm bigger size of book is the best size for making our book foldings because the upper and lower will be in good balance.


All book folding and pattern is actually made and measured by OruFun.



Spartan Helmet


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・Physical Items
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If you not satisfied a condition of our items, send it back to us. and when the book is arrived, we refund your money.

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